Superstar asks Randy Orton for permission to use the RKO

Randy Orton’s most savage RKOs: WWE Top 10

The RKO is already a legend, it is one of the most devastating finishers in WWE history. Although many athletes use it outside the Stamford company, its use is reserved for Randy Orton in WWE.

This week, one of the most talked-about incidents in the world of wrestling was that in AEW Dynamite episode # 18, where a member of The Dark Order repeatedly failed to punch Dustin Rhodes, hitting the ring than the former Goldust.

Randy Orton commented on the incident on Twitter and defined it as “horrendous”, encouraging the author of the “botch” to stop wrestling.

Tyler Breeze promptly tweeted responding to Orton ironically: “Is it okay if I use the RKO?”

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