Super ShowDown was not sold out

WWE Super ShowDown

Despite many members of the public shown in the show, no reference to the current number of spectators in the audience was made live which means that the stadium was not complete. Most wrestling sites have not sent correspondents in Arabia because of their lack of budget, but fortunately FNLutte as the number one French-language site has readers around the world.

The WWE had a curious set of ringside where only the areas near the ring had been filled, no one knows whether it was a deposit or not. One of our readers, Todd Mard from Quebec City, took a screenshot and sent it to us on Twitter, which seems to show that the stadium was far from complete. Another Twittos living in Jeddah and obviously WWE fan Rehan M.R Arshad then answered us and confirmed it. Mr. Arshad had also indicated that yesterday there was still a lot of ringside places, which may explain this policy development.

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