SummerSlam: Three matchs are added to the card after SmackDown

summerslam 2019
summerslam 2019

This week’S edition of RAW featured a Legends meeting, but the next day at SmackDown Live the WWE focused its show on the next SummerSlam PPV. Indeed, more than three fights have been announced for the PPV of the summer !

First of all, Shane McMahon confirmed that he accepted Kevin Owens ‘ challenge. Owens challenged him via a YouTube video for a solo fight where he puts his career on the line. Shane has accepted how happy he’ll be to fire him for good.

Then, Kofi Kingston announced that he would unveil his favourite opponent for the PPV. He announced that he wanted to face Randy Orton as he believed Orton had always tried to keep him away from the company’s main event fights. Orton answered the challenge and explained that according to him Kofi is still not ready to be the WWE champion and he will show it at SummerSlam.

Finally, we finally know that Bray Wyatt will make his first PPV return fight at SummerSlam. In an exchange on the ring between Finn Balor on the ring and Bray Wyatt on the TitanTron, the two confirmed their desire to confront each other.

We can also imagine that in the next few days a fight for Charlotte Flair will be added to the card. According to her, it is a shame that the Queen is absent from the show while Ember Moon will face Bayley for the title. She says she’s going up against someone of a better calibre.

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