Sting talks about how he would face The Undertaker


In the history of wrestling, one of the fans ‘ most wanted matches was and continues to be Sting vs The Undertaker. However, despite Sting signed with WWE in 2015, that match never happened. Sting faced Triple H at Wrestlemania.

The former WCW Star was asked what would happen if the Undertaker went to WCW to confront him. That’s what he said.:

“In no way would the Stinger suffer a Tombstone from Taker, it would not happen, it is not in my plans. What would have happened is a little Stinger Splash, a Deathdrop, and probably the Deathlock.”

Sting has also talked about how the idea of this match had arrived, saying that if the Undertaker was in WCW it would have certainly happened, while the WWE may not be concerned about it.

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