Sting against The Undertaker would now be a real possibility

Sting and The Undertaker

When Sting arrived at WWE, fans were already dreaming of seeing the first historic clash between Sting and The Undertaker. A clash that never took place at the time between the two “demonic” stars of WWF and WCW.

Unfortunately, the match did not take place at the time of Sting’s return to WWE as he injured his neck during his last match against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015. But this clash would once again be topical according to Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler as he addressed the topic on his podcast “Jerry Lawler Show” :

“In this style [a cinematic fight], one could easily have The Undertaker fight that everyone has always wanted, against Sting. Can you imagine a cinematic fight like The Boneyard match of WrestleMania? That would be possible. The Undertaker against Sting could finally take place and it would be great.”

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