Steve Austin has been tormented by Jon Moxley for a long time

Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, took part in Steve Austin’s Stone Cold Podcast, which aired on the WWE Network in August 2016. Austin revealed why he felt “tormented” by their conversation for so long . AEW President Tony Khan was a guest on the “Steve Austin Show” podcast this week. When they started discussing Jon Moxley’s appearance at the end of the match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing, Austin talked about that conversation he had with Moxley:

“I’ve been carrying a lot of weight on my shoulders since it happened. I felt so bad about the interview I was conducting, so I take the blame, because I’m there to send people over and get them to make millions of dollars. “

After saying that he recently spoke with Moxley on the phone for 30 minutes and that they are now on the same wavelength, Austin added:

“From the end of that interview until the other day, that one thing is something I thought of almost every single day. This shows how annoying it gave me. “

As for the criticisms he received on social media on the podcast, he said:

“This haunted me for so long and people think that I am this guy, that there is this force field around me that I don’t feel, but I feel them. And when I didn’t bring out someone like I should have, I was tormented. “

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