Soon the forced retirement for Sheamus?

retirement for Sheamus


This is a rumor that we would have done well. During superstar Shake-Up last month, WWE decided to separate The Bar. So, Cesaro left for RAW while Sheamus stayed at SmackDown Live. Except that the Irish has not been seen on the rings for several weeks already because of an injury. It is more likely a spinal stenosis that has already ended the careers of many WWE superstars like Edge.

Thus, according to the website, concerns have begun to spread behind the scenes of the American league about the future of the “Celtic Warrior”. In addition to spinal stenosis, Sheamus suffered a concussion on April 9 in a team match. There are rumors that Sheamus may be forced to retire because of these injuries.

Of course, nothing has been formalized for the moment and Sheamus could perfectly recover from his physical glitches. We cross fingers for him and hope to see him again very soon in great shape!

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