Sasha Banks : ” it hurt to hear fans blame me for Paige’s injury”

sasha banks

Sasha Banks, just hours before the women’s title match against Becky Lynch at Clash Of Champions, talked about how she was affected by Paige’s injury.

The British Superstar also spoke about that episode stating:

“It was not Sasha’s fault, he suffered a lot for causing me the injury, and even in the ring you could see that he was hurting for me, and when we were there and people were singing” Sasha s ** ks “, it really shocked me to hear him because it was not his fault. “

During the “WWE Chronicle” program, Sasha Banks opened up about the accident and how Paige’s injury affected her:

“I was just saying…Don’t cry! I hate to cry but so many bad things kept happening and I didn’t know how to handle them, and I really think what really started it all, like feeling sad, was Paige’s serious situation… then the fans challenged me and my work … I’m proud of my work so much, and I would never intentionally try to hurt anyone. The episode hurt me and that made me question as a wrestler.”

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