Roman Reigns teases Goldberg by responding to fan

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns did not directly provoke Goldberg, but his response to a fan on Twitter is being understood as such. It started with a fan asking the “Big Dog” to explain why there is a protection on the floor during his entrance when he punches the stage.

In response to this fan, the former world champion said that there is nothing to explain and that it is just a little protection so that he does not punch directly on the stage. Roman Reigns says he does this 48 weeks a year, so he easily exceeds the hundred times that the “Big Dog” punches the floor during his entry.

Only Roman Reigns went further and said that punching directly on the floor, and not a protection that is placed there, would be stupid. As stupid as headbutting a door before a fight.

Now, it was this last statement by Roman Reigns that has led many fans to understand and speculate that this was a provocation for Goldberg. All because the WWE Hall of Fame is in the habit of doing that sometimes. So much so that one day the match even went wrong, and it was bleeding from the head to the ring …

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