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Resume of Wrestling Impact of February 15, 2019

Impact Wrestling

Street Fight – Knockouts Championship
Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie (c)

At the end of the fight, Tessa places a table in balance on the first rope in a corner of the ring. She tries to jump on Taya but she is sent outside, Taya inflicts a crossbody from the top of the ring. She places Tessa on the table and inflicts a double stomp from the top of the third string across the table.
Taya Valkyrie wins and remains Champion Knockouts

Team Impact is in interview for tonight’s Impact vs AAA match.
Sami Callihan declares that he is the captain tonight because he is the wrestler of the year, tonight they will win this 2019 World Cup anyway since he is there. Fallah Bahh begins to speak what annoys Sami Callihan. Eddie Edwards pushes him away, Sami tells him he can fix it now. Eli Drake tells him to stay calm, there is a lot of money at stake tonight. Sami says that he is there for the money and he will do what it takes to win. Eli says they all have a little something that makes them on top: even Eddie with Kenny and his jeans. Well, he still has time to change and bring back the old Eddie Edwards but whatever, tonight the victory is theirs and it’s not insulting for AAA, it’s just a fact.

One on one
Ethan Page vs Willie Mack

At the end of the fight, Ethan Page takes the lead but fails to place his side slam, Mack manages to escape with nudges and continues with his Stunner.
Willie Mack wins

Behind the scenes, Killer Kross tells Johnny Impact that he will be lucky if he gets out of this match alive. In fact it would be almost a 3 against 1 since technically each of his opponents has already beaten. Anyway, it will destroy everything in its path because there is always a time when we pay the bill.
Kross walks away, we see Willie Mack out of his match. He is followed by the Crist brothers who enter his locker room behind him.

The AAA team is behind the scenes, Psycho Clown said they will defend their company tonight but also the colors of their country, the World Cup remains in Mexico tonight. Puma King says they are more than ready.

Sami Callihan arrives at the ring, he says that now everyone knows they are like brothers. What Swann said last week was wrong, he asks Rich Swann to come to the ring. Callihan throws his OVe T-shirt into Swann’s face. Swann sends him back in the head. Sami told him that he hoped he would do it. He attacks Swann and sends him on the ramp. He inflicts a piledriver on the ramp. He throws Swann from the top of the banister across a table.

8 Men’s Tag Team Elimination Match – World Cup
Team Impact (Eddie Edwards, Fallah Bahh, Eli Drake & Sami Callihan) vs. AAA Team (Aerostar, Puma King, El Hijo Vikingo & Psycho Clown)

Eli Drake is eliminated by Puma King with a rollup after Kenny was kidnapped by Eddie Edwards.
El Hijo del Vikingo is eliminated by Fallah Bahh after trying a crossbody, Fallah crushes with a powerslam.
Fallah Bahh is eliminated by Aerostar with a rollup after Fallah has missed his crush in the corner.
Aerostar gets eliminated by Eddie Edwards with a Boston Knee Party after missing his crossbody.
Puma King is eliminated by Sami Callihan after a powerbomb and a piledriver.
Sami Callihan is eliminated by Psycho Clown with a rollup after Sami pushes Eddie to the outside of the ring to take his fall.
At the end of the fight, Eli Drake returns to the ring with Kenny Edwards’ kendo stick and he hits Eddie in the face with. Psycho Clown takes the opportunity to place a backstabber and chained with the fallen.
The AAA team wins with Psycho Clown and wins the World Cup.

We are told that Reno Scum will be back in two weeks.

Konnan is with LAX. He said he knew Pentagon and Fénix were not going to lose here in Mexico. Now he’s going to go ask for the rematch. Whatever happens this game will be the last between the two teams. LAX is his family, all he has left so they will do things his way.

Allie and Su Yung are behind the scenes. Allie says that Rosemary is playing with their spirits. We see Rosemary appear behind them and then disappear.

Scarlett Bordeaux announces that she will make her debut in the ring in Las Vegas next week.

Fatal Four Way – Impact World Championship
Moose vs. Killer Kross vs. Brian Cage vs. Johnny Impact (c)

At the end of the fight, Brian Cage places his Drill Claw on Moose, Killer Kross comes to break the fall. Kross inflicts his Doomsday Sydow but Cage gets up immediately and goes on with a clotheline chat. Cage places his Drill Claw on Killer Kross but Johnny Impact places his Starship Pain on Moose at the same time. Johnny Impact pinned just before Cage and wins.

Johnny Impact wins and remains Impact World Champion.

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