Results of WWE 205 Live of May 7, 2019

205 live
205 live

The WWE 205 Live show begins with the Kanellis couple behind the scenes. Mike says the No Disqualification is perfect for him tonight. Maria says it’s lucky to put her name on the map.

Behind the scenes, Brian Kendrick says that Mike’s wife caused three defeats to Akira Tozawa. Mike will lose against this man who started his career in street fighting.

Tony Nese settles with the commentators for the next fight.

Singles Match

Ariya Daivari beats Noam Dar with a Splash and his Clothesline for the account of three.

Behind the scenes, Oney Lorcan says he knows that nothing happens easily. He will train harder and fight harder to get another chance for the Cruiserweight title.

Tag Team Match

The Singh Brothers (Samir and Sunil) defeated David Kauffman and Kevin Lee (local wrestlers) after Samir’s Elbow Drop.

After the fight, the Singh Brothers said they were distracted by the millions of people in their country who were happy to see them. Sunil says they challenge the Lucha Dragons for a rematch.

Behind the scenes, Maria thanks Drake Maverick for banning Brian Kendrick from the fight and protecting the integrity of the fight. Maverick says Maria will also be banned from ringside to protect the integrity of the fight.

Behind the scenes, Jack Gallagher says he is happy to finally be released from the doctor and he will be ready to represent his country next week. Humberto Carrillo arrives and invites him to a fight.

No Disqualification Match

Akira Tozawa beats Mike Kanellis with a Super Rana through two tables down the ring and brings him back to the ring to make him a Senton on two chairs for the account of three!

The show ends with a celebration of Tozawa.

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