Reason why Asuka commented on the WWE Raw match


On last Monday’s Raw, we had only one match, a Non-Title Match between Rey Mysterio and WWE United States Champion Andrade. A match that, with some surprise and no big reason, featured WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka on the commentator table.

However, Jerry “The King” Lawler explained, in the most recent edition of his podcast, why WWE had Asuka comment on the match between the two Mexican wrestlers. The idea of the company was to have someone make some noise during the fight since the arena was empty.

They put Asuka there to help with the comments, to try to have some noise and keep things as noisy as possible during the fight. That really helped. It’s hard, and I feel sorry for Rey and Andrade and Zelina, but they did great, too.

As we know, a match without an audience or noise can end up quite boring. So WWE would have put Asuka on the commentator table to counter that. The Japanese wrestler makes a lot of noise on the microphone, and she did exactly that in the comments.

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