The RAW after WrestleMania 35 broadcast in full on AB1 and ABXplore


If you follow RAW on AB1 in France or ABXplore in Belgium, this newz is for you! If RAW is not broadcast in full on these channels, a good part of the show is all the same since about 2h20 of show broadcast in the United States, French fans are entitled to about 1:30 of show. But for the biggest occasions, RAW is proposed in full.

Indeed, although we do not know yet if Christophe Agius and Philippe Chéreau will comment WrestleMania 35 on the spot, one thing is sure: the RAW after will be broadcast in full on Wednesday, April 10 from 20:40 on AB1 and ABXplore (via AB1. tv /

So get ready for a longer evening (an hour or so longer), especially since WrestleMania RAW is usually much better than pay-per-view!

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