PJ Black refused an offer from WWE

PJ Black

PJ Black could have returned to the WWE via NXT, but the Ring of Honor contract was more interesting.

Four years ago, PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel) left WWE. Since then, we’ve seen him at Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, the Ring of Honor and even Chikara. But the company of Stamford would have tried to make return the wrestler recently.

The wrestler told in an interview with youtubeur Chris Van Vliet that he refused a WWE offer for a return to NXT, as was the case for some wrestlers like Drew McIntyre or EC3 (formerly Derrick Bateman). he refused to join the Ring of Honor recently.

“Just before the Ring of Honor, I actually had an offer for NXT. They wanted me to come back, “said PJ Black, adding that it was not the only offer. “There were several offers too, from TNA or others, but I chose the Ring of Honor because they give me some freedom and it’s a good financial opportunity.”

“It’s only for twelve me,” he adds, hinting that he likes the Ring of Honor. “After that, there is something like a 30 day notice. I feel it will be for two or three years. We’ll see what happens. “


PJ Black, unlike other wrestlers and wrestlers who still have to fight to get out of their contracts for the Lucha Underground show, was able to get his resignation at the end of season 4.

“I am very sad about that. I think it will not come back, “he says. “That’s why I had to fight to free myself from my contract. And it was difficult. I know a lot of people are trying to get rid of it right now as well. I guess I was lucky on this one. “

Which would not prevent him from coming back for a few episodes to complete the storyline that surrounds him. “I made them mention in my contract with the Ring of Honor that if Lucha Underground came back, I would go back for a few episodes to end some storylines.”

For the moment no season 5 of Lucha Underground seems planned, while Velez Ivelisse, King Cuerno, Joey Ryan or Kobra Moon have brought justice to be able to free themselves from their contracts that the production of the show has blocked.

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