Mike Tyson challenges Chris Jericho in a historic feud

Mike Tyson had remained very quiet last Saturday at the PPV Double gold Nothing, but he corrected the shot this week at AEW Dynamite. Indeed, Chris Jericho was in the ring with the Inner Circle to remobilize his troops after their defeat. Except that despite an exchange of gifts and affection in the group, Jericho wanted more.

He stated that he wanted Mike Tyson’s head on a set to take revenge on January 11, 2010, while Tyson sent him to the carpet on RAW. During this edition of Raw, Jericho teamed up with Tyson to face the D-Generation-X, but Tyson unveiled a DX T-shirt and sounded Jericho a violent right. Mike Tyson finally showed up in the ring with his safety that included MMA/UFC fighters Vitor Belfort and Henry Cejudo.

Jericho asked him for silence and an apology for his gesture. Tyson, not afraid of anything, took off his T-shirt to provoke him by saying that Jericho got what he deserved and the two men began to push each other. The AEW roster appeared in the ring to separate the two men and the show ended like this.

Now it remains to be seen where this rivalry will lead us as Jericho has been waiting for this revenge for ten years. By the way, Mike Tyson said backstage after the show that he intended to go back to dynamite and kick Jericho’s ass :

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