Men’s Royal Rumble Match can have 40 wrestlers

Royal Rumble 2020
the Royal Rumble Matches

Although WWE needs to make last-minute changes in a match of this size, rumors have been circulating since the beginning of the weekend that the men’s Royal Rumble Match may have 40 wrestlers.

The truth is that 27 wrestlers are announced, leaving only 3 places for surprise returns and NXT, NXT UK wrestlers.

Then speculation began to develop, speaking of the possibility of WWE still during the Royal Rumble Kickoff Show announcing the increase from 30 to 40 men’s Royal Rumble Match wrestlers.

This move aside from opening another 10 new places in the match and thus opening up expectations for surprises, would also be a way for WWE to try to win new last-minute subscribers for the first major event of the year.

I repeat everything for now is speculation, and in the end we may even have the men’s Royal Rumble with 30 wrestlers and almost no surprises, but there is the possibility of having a match with 40 wrestlers as we had in 2011.

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