Matt Riddle talks again about Goldberg

Matt Riddle and Goldberg Don’t see it the same way about the approach to discipline, wrestling.

Speaking to WWE The Bump, Matt Riddle explained how his approach to the business is totally different from Goldberg’s, but that he has no problems with him and does not want to create media outcry with a ” feud.”

Matt Riddle said:

“I think the two of us have different opinions, just two different ways of thinking when you enter the wrestling business. I love pushing myself to the limit, I’m famous for my endurance and athletic condition, I like to dictate the pace”.

And he continues:

“I expect a lot from myself and my comrades and in this, Goldberg and I are different, my tweets about him were just my opinion. Don’t you want to be my bro? No problem, I didn’t really want it either.”

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