Lana comments on her relationship with the WWE Universe

LANA 2019
LANA 2019

Interviewed at the 411 Podcast, Lana spoke about the relationship that has developed between her and the WWE Universe. Here are his words:

“Oh god, it’s such a difficult question. I mean, I love WWE so much, there’s nothing bigger in the world than I love more than the WWE Universe. We have a love / hate relationship, but at least they are all passionate about me. Love me a second and we feel an incredible emotion towards each other. I love this WWE Universe, they feel something strong towards me and I am grateful for that. I love them, there is nothing more in the world you love than the WWE Universe. I would like to do this as long as possible. As long as they have me … I love them. Whatever he does, fight or speak into the microphone, I really love him “

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