Kurt Angle would like to win at WrestleMania 35

Kurt Angle

Last week, Kurt Angle revealed that he would have really liked to face John Cena for his last career fight at WrestleMania 35 on April 7th (details here). Today Kurt Angle explains that he is also bitter about his defeat. Indeed, Angle made a FAQ on his Facebook page and a fan asked him if he preferred to win or lose for his last fight. Kurt Angle says:

Honestly, my fight of WrestleMania 35, I would have liked to go there and win but I understand why it did not happen. Many people believe that I should have had another opponent. Maybe yes and maybe not. But my point: Corbin is solid. As Hall of Famer and WWE legend, I arrived at my last fight last Sunday. It was my retirement fight. […] my job is to leave the WWE by honoring a young talent. I did this. I would have liked to win, but I do not think I would have played my role well. You have to leave the company in a better state when you have arrived there. I think I managed to do that by losing to Corbin and being lynched by Lars the next day to RAW. It may sound like a mistake, but it was the right thing to do. Agree or not. ”

Kurt Angle has sacrificed himself for the new generation by highlighting Baron Corbin and Lars Sullivan at the WrestleMania weekend. He also explains that his inactivity as General Manager forced him to retire faster than expected as his body became less flexible, stiffer and he began to develop arthritis.

Angle seems to have some regrets about his last years at WWE. Let’s hope for him that he can blossom in his new role behind the scenes.

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