Kofi Kingston: ” I’m ready for my rematch against Daniel Bryan! ”

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston

We had the chance to chat with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston on Tuesday, April 30th, an interview where he had already unveiled his first exclusivity about his opponent for the next special show Money in the Bank. But that’s not all, Kofi returned to WrestleMania 35 and also talked about his plans for the future.

Kofi says his victory at WrestleMania 35 – April 7 – was a dream come true and it shows that a lot can happen when you believe in yourself. He can finally say that he had his own WrestleMania moment. It’s a huge chance for him, he finally has the opportunity to inspire people by being the champion.

He says that his life is particularly great since he put his hands on the belt. But after so much work, new responsibilities and an evening as intense as that of WM 35, was not it difficult to get back to work? Kofi answers:

Yes, it was very difficult, but at the same time, we have no choice but to keep moving forward. After WrestleMania, I made the mistake of going to the post-show party. I have been to see people who support me, my peers, the guys I worked with. I had an hour and a half of sleep and the next day I had a TV show with Becky “2 Belts” to talk about WrestleMania. With WWE, there is no season or limit on the number of games. We’re always moving forward and that’s what it’s like to be a WWE Superstar. In addition to that, I have the most important belt in the WWE, I expect that (to always move forward). We know what we signed for. We work for that. At no time will I not do what I have to do as champion of the company.

Since his victory at WrestleMania 35 Kofi still has not had a real contender or a rematch against Daniel Bryan. So we asked him if he had any fears about this possible rematch when Daniel Bryan will be back and if he knows why Bryan is absent since his defeat of WM:

I have no idea what’s going on with Daniel Bryan, but I’m waiting for the rematch. I know Bryan can use his close rematch. I believe that someday we will have our rematch. But before I have to take care of Kevin Owens, because he will be my opponent to Money in the Bank. That’s what I focus on, day by day. I think my path will cross Bryan’s one day and I’ll do my best to be ready.

Speaking of possible injury, do not forget Big E who is on the sidelines, also injured. Kofi explains that even if Big E is injured or someone else in New Day, no one will be able to replace them permanently.

There can only be a temporary replacement or an honorary member like Kevin Owens. But then, when will Big E be back to reform their initial trio?

Yes, I do not know exactly when he’s coming back, but he’s fine. Big E gets stronger every day, he is very well out of the operation. His recovery is going very well and he is getting stronger. He’s fine and he’s burning to come back.

As a potential opponent in the future he faces Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens as mentioned above, but also Roman Reigns who he thinks deserves his chance, a fighter he judges full of talent. One can also imagine seeing Kofi defend his title against another New Day member.

But even if a New Day member got a chance at the title or someone forced the fight, he would be ready to face it while standing by his brothers. When a New Day member is a champion, they are all champions!

But we must not forget that there were darker moments in his 11 years at WWE. Kofi explains that he did not forget WrestleMania 25 where he stole the show in the Ladder Match and unfortunately the next day at RAW the WWE decided to keep him in the locker room.

Today is simply the ultimate reward for all those moments. Do not forget that the WWE stops in France on May 10 in Aix en Provence and May 14 in Paris. Not to mention on May 9 in Brussels, Belgium.

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