Kofi Kingston Explains Why The New Day Will Never Separate

new day
new day

In an interview with TMZ, the new WWE Champion Kofi Kingston came back to the possibility of seeing The New Day members separate in a more or less near future. He states that this will never happen because it would be contrary to the New Day philosophy:

“I do not understand why people say that, we’ve been saying since the dawn of time that the philosophy of New Day is to help your brother grow up, that’s the goal. I think that the stereotypical way to go with all these factions, when someone is successful, is that one of them leaves the group and continues his career alone. If anyone wants to succeed, one of them leaves in solo run. It’s very typical.


“For anyone who has seen The New Day on TV or anywhere else, he knows that you are atypical. When we go through the curtains, we jump and applaud, I twerk, I wear unicorn horns, we wear pink and blue, we throw pancakes, ice, Booty-O’s. Each group can not have a typical story, so for us, breaking up is the opposite of New Day, following the typical path. It will not happen, that’s all. Everything we do, we do it together. ”


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