Kevin Owens explains why WWE does not release its merchandising at the shows

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens sd

Kevin Owens has been very relevant in the last few weeks at Smackdown Live, especially in this one where he confronted Shane McMahon accusing him of taking away Superstar’s television time that they deserve more.

Later, he hit Shane with a Stunner and helped Roman Reigns in the main event. He recently responded to a fan on Twitter explaining why he thinks WWE isn’t selling its merchandising to shows.:

“It is simply a supply and demand situation. No one asked because I was injured for a while in the last year and a half, and when I was there, I pissed off a bunch of fans. But now that period is over. Make enough noise and they’ll have to listen.”

Owens has been one of the protagonists of Smackdown in recent weeks and it seems that a big push is coming for the former Universal Champion.

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