Kenny Omega: “WWE has never shown how special Jon Moxley is”

kenny omega
kenny omega

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Kenny Omega talked about Jon Moxley, the newcomer to AEW, and how the WWE apparently had him unused, not showing how special he is. Omega has always thought that there was something special about the former Dean Ambrose, however the WWE apparently failed to show all the peculiarity that there is in Moxley:

“Yes, it’s crazy because I remember seeing him on TV, I saw something there, I knew there was something magnetic about him, something special about him. The WWE has never shown it. “

Jon has certainly changed a lot since his departure from the WWE and now there is certainly a sense of enthusiasm within him:

“When I see him today, when I see these promos from the backstage, when I see the things he did in Japan, when I see the things he’s doing around the world, I see this new enthusiasm. I see the spark. I even see the physical conditions in which it is found. It’s different from anything I’ve ever seen. This is not the Moxley who came from that other place. This is a reborn Jon Moxley. “

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