Jon Moxley reveals why he signed with All Elite Wrestling

Jon Moxley
Jon Moxley

During an interview on Chris Jericho‘s podcast, Jon Moxley had the opportunity to talk about many things, including the reason for his move to the newborn AEW.

One of the reasons that led him to sign up for the All Elite, is that he feels he has to give something more to the world of Pro-Wrestling.

“For me, it’s about finally being the best version of myself and having creative freedom. The AEW will allow me to do all this. From the first time I talked to Cody we became friends right away, because he’s like me. He’s a fan of Wrestling, we see it in the same way, that is, wrestling can be anything. “

He went on to say that he is not at all worried about the WWE, but he does not want it to fail because together with the AEW they will be able to make this business great, also because many of his friends and his partner work there.

He also said he was very worried before signing with the All Elite but he changed his mind because:

“It’s completely different. It’s all done by enthusiasts, for fans “.

Tony Khan helped him make the final decision.

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