Jinder Mahal briefly becomes champion 24/7

24/7 Championship
24/7 Championship

Really, it’s not easy to be champion of the title 24/7 … This title can be defended against anyone and at any time, the champion must then pay attention to his back. R-Truth, for example, lost the title to Elias during the last episode of SmackDown, before becoming champion a few minutes later. And it is now Jinder Mahal who became champion!

Indeed, in a video posted on social networks, R-Truth was with Carmella to do some golf. Near the cart, Jinder Mahal came from behind with a referee to make him a small winning package. New champion so … but not for long since Truth did the same thing while Mahal was busy with Carmella.

In short, R-Truth is still champion, although Jinder Mahal became it for a few seconds, with a third reign!

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