Impact Wrestling Summary of May 31, 2019

Impact Wrestling Summary

Impact Wrestling Summary of May 31, 2019

6 men Tag Team Match
Moose & The North vs. Tommy Dreamer, Rob & Van Dam & Sabu

At the end of the fight, RVD places his Vanterminator on Ethan Page. Sabu places him on a table and continues with his Arabian Facebuster from the top of the third string, RVD finishes with his 5 star frog splash.
Winners: Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam & Sabu

Brian Cage gives news about his injury, he is better and has resumed training, he has not yet re-wrestle but he will be back soon. He’s tired of seeing Michael Elgin tell his hospital bullshit and what he did to him. He will put an end to all this because at Slammiversary, whether he is restored or not, he will defend his title.

Backstage Moose says he needed Killer Kross with him some time ago but he’s too unstable. He started with the two Canadians thinking it would help him but he understands that for things to be done as well do them yourself and from today he will show why he is indeed Mr. Impact Wrestling.

Singles Match
Glenn Gilberti vs. Tessa Blanchard

Before the fight, Gilberti takes the microphone to say that Tessa is one of the most talented women in wrestling but it’s like being the best Philadelphia Flyers player. Tonight he’s going to show Tessa who’s the dad here.
Tessa attacks Glenn directly with forearm shots in the face. Glenn tries to escape but she catches him by the pentalon and gives him a big blow of the forearm in the head putting K.O.
Winner: Tessa Blanchard

LAX are behind the scenes, the Rascalz join them. They thank them for the championship game they offer them. LAX say they are not aware of anything, Konnan probably think they are high enough to have imagined this match but since he likes their attitude he offers them a match against LAX. Trey drinks the flask of Ortis entirely and leaves staggering.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack are in interview, they say that they were powerbombed by Michael Elgin but they are still standing. Mack says they can try to smoke them but they have fire.

Tag Team Match
Desi Hit Squad vs. The Deanners

At the end of the fight, the Desi Hit Squad tries a combo but Cody rolls up and sends Raj into Rohit, pushing him outside the ring. Cody place Raj in school boy for the victory.
Winners: The Deanners

Killer Kross tells Eddie Edwards that Kenny is gone and will be left alone because the absence of God will be felt. Everyone pays the price one day.

Michael Elgin in interview says that if Brian Cage wants to wait for Slammiversary it’s because he’s not so stupid. Impact management should give him the title directly. Johnny Impact arrives, he says he will not be the only one to have a league game at Slammiversary because the X-Division cross he owns gives him the right to a championship game. Elgin tells him that they are getting on the same level tonight because he wants to send them to the hospital.

Street Fight
Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards

At the end of the fight, Kross sends Edwards powerbomb chairs, he puts gloves to finish but The Sandman arrives and Killer Kross hits with a kendo stick. Edwards goes on with his Boston Knee Party.
Winner: Eddie Edwards

After the fight, Sandman gives his kendo stick to Eddie Edwards.

Rosemary retains Su Yung prisoner. James Mitchell tells him that he has always been with her since he has always done what he promised but the only one who has continued to insist is Rosemary. If Allie is dead it’s all her fault. Rosemary gets upset and strangles James Mitchell, then lets him go saying that she keeps Su Yung with her.

Sami Callihan says that Fallah Bahh and Scarlett Bordeaux made the mistake of getting in their way. Next week oVe will take care of them, he does not understand what they are being knocked down at the moment, he does not understand this division, there is a princess, a zombie, a demon. Now it will show that knockouts are no exception, if they are looking for the butts with oVe they will understand that they take control of everything.

Tag Team Match
Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Michael Elgin & Johnny Impact

At the end of the fight, Elgin leaves for a powerbomb on Mack but Swann pushes him outside. Impact pushes Swann to the ground and tells Elgin to return to the ring. Elgin drops him and goes backstage. Swann took the opportunity to place a cutter and continue with his 450 splash for the victory.
Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

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