Impact Wrestling Summary of May 17, 2019

Knockouts Battle Royale
Alisha Edwards vs Ashley Vox vs Jordynne Grace vs Karissa Rivera vs Kiera Hogan vs Madison Rayne vs Scarlett Bordeaux vs Solo Darling vs Tasha Steelz vs Tessa Blanchard vs Glenn Gilberti

Before the match begins, Glenn Gilberti arrives and says his loss to Scarlett Bordeaux was a joke, the women’s wrestling is useless and that this match should be a bra and panties royal battle. He is added to the match but he is sent outside the ring below the first string by all the participants. He will then sit down to the comments.
At the end of the match, Scarlett Bordeaux is eliminated by Kiera Hogan and Tessa eliminates Hogan but Glenn Gilberti goes back in the ring puts a clotheline to Tessa Blanchard to eliminate it.
Winner: Glenn Gilberti

We see Michael Elgin who attacked Willie Mack in the parking lot after the show last week, he sent Mack on a truck with a powerbomb.

Elgin in interview says he does things for him, he sends everyone to the hospital for this reason. Rich Swann joins him and tells him that what he did to Mack is not forgivable and they will face each other tonight.

Demon Collar Match (The two wrestlers are connected by a chain attached to their necklace)
Su Yung vs Rosemary

At the end of the fight, Su Yung is on the third rope but Rosemary pulls the chain down to spit the mist in the face. She goes on with a spear and her Red Wedding for the victory.
Winner: Rosemary
After the fight, Rosemary drags Su Yung backstage on the chain.

Madison Rayne in interview says that Taya Valkyrie is hiding behind her 30-day no-defense clause but when the time comes next week she will take the title of Knockouts.

Singles Match
Madman Fulton vs. Randy Shawn

Madman did not move until Sami Callihan gave him the right, once Callihan told him to attack Fulton gets rid of Shawn in two chokeslam and an end of days.
Winner: Madman Fulton

RVD in interview says he is eager to return to Philadelphia in the arena he has made famous and made famous. He spoke with Tommy Dreamer and they will compete there.

A doctor gives us news of Brian Cage, he is already walking but they do not know when he can come back.

Singles Match
Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards

At the end of the fight, Eddie gets his kendo stick Kenny under the ring but the referee tries to take his hands off him. Kross took the opportunity to place his Doomsday Saito for the victory.
Winner: Killer Kross
After the fight, Kross ties Edwards to the ropes and breaks his kendo stick in two right in front of him.

The Rascalz are behind the scenes and Wentz is worried about their championship game against LAX, he says they have to train. There follows a montage of their training more or less successful.

Josh Alexander tells Ethan Page behind the scenes that they have to focus on team titles because that’s why they came to the base. Page tells him he’s not done with RVD. Moose arrives and says that LAX can wait because they have the opportunity to be the first to beat RVD and next time he will be there.

Singles Match
Michael Elgin vs. Rich Swann

At the end of the fight, Elgin attacks Swann with a powerbomb on the ring post. He does it a second time and the referee comes to warn him. Elgin pushes the referee and hits him a third time in the post. The referee rings the bell.
Winner: Rich Swann by disqualification
After the fight, Elgin still wants to attack Swann but Willie Mack arrives to save him, he tries to hit him but Johnny Impact stops him before and puts him on the ground with a disaster kick. Johnny Impact stands face to face with Michael Elgin and the show ends.

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