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Impact Wrestling Summary of March 1, 2019

Impact Wrestling

March 1 Wrestling Impact Summary

Josh Mathews and Don Callis to comment.

One on one
Willie Mack vs. Jake Crist with Dave Crist

At the end of the fight, Mack is on the third rope but Dave Crist pushes him. The referee rings the bell for disqualification.
Tommy Dreamer arrives at the ring to hunt oVe. He says the Crist deserve a lesson.

Tag Team Match
Willie Mack & Tommy Dreamer vs. Ove

At the end of the fight, Willie Mack places a stunner on Dave Crist, Dreamer places a Death Valley Driver on Jake Crist. Mack goes on with a splash frog for the win.
Tommy Dreamer and Willie Mack win.

Tag Team Match
KM & Fallah Bahh vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornestowe & Luster the Legend)

At the end of the fight, Luster puts Fallah on the ground but he is pushed back against the ropes making Adam fall on the corner. KM sends Luster outside and throws Adam on Fallah who goes on a Samoan Drop.
KM & Fallah Bahh win.
After the Reno Scum match attacking KM & Fallah Bahh, they inflict a double stomp on KM as a team.
Behind the scenes, KM & Fallah Bahh tell the Reno Scum that they did not choose the right guys to try to make a name for themselves.

Glenn Gilberti is behind the scenes, he asks Ethan Page where is the office of the officials. Ethan Page tells him that he does not know what he’s doing there or who he is but the office is there. D-Lo Brown gets out of the office, he asks him what he’s doing there. Glenn tells him that he does not know but surely to the production. Glenn goes back into the office and says he has an idea, he wants to make a tournament for the X-Division in which we would focus on wins and losses. The people in the office make fun of him saying that he does not have good ideas, he will surely bring us the royal reverse battle, he is not there for his creative side. Glenn says he wants to see Don Callis because here is anything.

Eli Drake comes to see Eddie Edwards behind the scenes, he tells him he admits to losing but in a sense he won. He told her that all he was missing was a bit of wrestling with his Kenny he will not go anywhere. Besides, he knows what he can do, together they can go for team titles. Eddie tells him he does not want to, he already has a team partner, it’s Kenny.

Scarlett Bordeaux behind the scenes announces that she will give the name of her first opponent next week.

One on one
Tessa Blanchard vs Delilah Doom

At the end of the fight, Delilah Doom tries a crucifix, but Tessa manages to lift Delilah and punch him in the face. She goes on with her Buzzsaw DDT.
Tessa Blanchard wins.

Rosemary behind the scenes is talking to herself, she says she must now go to war of darkness, even if she has to do it alone she will get her rabbit back. Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace come to her to tell her that they are ready to go to war for her. Rosemary tells them it’s not their fight. Kiera replies that Allie is her best friend since her arrival here and that she will fight for her. Rosemary tells her that she agrees, but when the rabbit returns, Kiera will have to step aside.

One on one
Ethan Page vs Wentz

At the end of the fight, Ethan Page provokes Morlon Greenwood in the audience, Morlon pushes him away and Wentz takes the opportunity to send him back to the ring. He goes on with his springboard cutter for the win.
Wentz wins

Glenn Gilberti meets Tommy Dreamer, he asks what he’s doing here. He replies that he is still hanging around here, but he is surprised to see him. Glenn wants to see the boss, Dreamer opens a door for him and behind there is an owl in the office. Dreamer tells him that yes, the owl, the boss of Anthem. He pushes Glenn into the office and leaves, we hear Glenn being attacked by the bird.

We are told that Ace Austin will debut next week.

Sami Callihan tells the story of Rich Swann, he says he found him he was alone and he gave her everything. He says he’s not the villain of the story, he’s the hero. Rich Swann does not want to be part of oVe because he believes he uses people but in reality he’s the one who used it. He attacked Rich Swann because he loves her, he wants to make him understand that he must join the oVe family.

Killer Kross in interview with Moose, he tells him that they do not necessarily get along at the moment but it’s because of Johnny Impact who only tries to mount them against each other by proposing matches for the title to anyone. Moose says he’s fully understood, Johnny is like a teasing girl who winks at everyone but as soon as a guy shows up, it’s just that Johnny is ugly and that he is not a woman. Tonight they will destroy him, Tik Tok.

LAX are behind the scenes, Santana tells Konnan that the Lucha Brothers have gone beyond the limits again last week and when you go over the limits with them it gives that, they take their masks. Konnan asks him if he’s crazy? Ortiz tells him that there is no madness it’s just that they did what they were asked to do, they held out their hands and the Lucha Brothers refused to press them so they asked for more to be hit. Konnan tells them that it’s because of this attitude that they are in this case today, so he’ll still look for a rematch but this time they do not have interest in doing things behind his back, he’s ‘occupies it. After Konnan leaves, Oritz and Santana say they’ll fix it.

Tag Team Match
Johnny Impact & Brian Cage vs. Killer Kross & Moose

During the fight, Johnny Impact tries a descent of the thigh but he remains on the ground after and stands the neck. Visibly wounded, he passes the relay with difficulty to Cage and out of the ring for treatment by doctors.
At the end of the match, Moose and Kross two-on-one take care of Cage outside the ring. Cage with the arcade open after taking the pole of full whip. Cage manages to return the situation in his favor but when he tries to pass the relay Impact is not there, he is still on the ground near the doctors, his wife Taya who has arrived tells Cage that he can not go up . Kross takes the opportunity to place his Doomsday Saito. He carries the choke on Cage and Moose inflicts a spear at the same time. Cage does not want to give up, the referee stops the fight because Cage fell into the apples.
Killer Kross and Moose win.

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