Impact Wrestling Results June 7, 2019

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Results June 7, 2019

Singles Match
Cousin Jake vs. Ace Austin

At the end of the fight, the Desi Hit Squad attack Cody Deanner outside the ring, Ace Austin took the opportunity to put a low blow Cousin Jake and continue with The Fold for the victory.
Winner: Ace Austin

Taya Valkyrie backstage, she says she thought she was done with Rosemary but she comes out of nowhere to try to take her title. Taya says she’s living her best life and she does not have a problem with her, it’s Rosemary who has a problem with wrestling royalty.

Singles Match – Knockouts Championship
Rosemary vs Taya Valkyrie (c)

At the end of the fight, Rosemary places a spear and blocks Taya in the grip of the black widow. James Mitchell arrives at the ring with Havok. Havok attacks Rosemary.
Winner: Rosemary by disqualification
Havok places a piledriver on Rosemary then a chokeslam on Taya. James Mitchell frees Su Yung from Rosemary’s chains.

The Rascalz are in their Treehouse, Dez and Wentz are preparing for their match against LAX tonight. Trey arrives dressed as a wrestler, Dez & Wentz tell him he does not catch tonight as it’s a 2-on-2 match. Trey says he feels sidelined. Wentz says it will teach him to go see the Pet Shop Boys alone. Trey says that if he does not catch, he can drink and he starts drinking tequila.

Eddie Edwards behind the scenes tells Sandman that he can not accept his gift in relation to Kenny. Sandman tells him that he can fix things, he takes a felt and draws a face on the kendo stick. Eddie Edwards accepts the gift and says it’s Kenny who’s back.

Michael Elgin backstage learns that Brian Cage has resumed training, he says he proved to everyone who could send him to the hospital like all the people he met in a ring. He has made Willie Mack an example but what he will do to him will still be far from what he will do to Brian Cage.

Handicap Match
Madman Fulton vs. Local Wrestlers

Madman Fulton gets rid of them easily in less than 2 minutes.
Winner: Madman Fulton

Tag Team Match
oVe vs Fallah Bahh & Scarlett Bordeaux

At the end of the match, Bahh tries a crash but Jake drags Dave to avoid the impact. He distracts the referee and gives Dave a pile of coins. Dave hits Bahh in the head with.
Winners: oVe

After the fight, Dave and Jake try to catch Scarlett Bordeaux but Tessa Blanchard arrives and drives off the ring.

Willie Mack in interview with Rich Swann, he says that Michael Elgin sends people who fight to feed their family in the hospital, he will put an end to it by beating him next week. Swann says that Mack has always supported him since the beginning, next week he will support him.
Johnny Impact arrives and says he hopes Elgin will send him to the hospital so he’ll kill two birds with one stone. He tells Rich Swann that Slammiversary will take his X-Division title.

Sami Callihan asks oVe what happened. He says they forget, he’s fed up with this masquerade of the knockouts division. They will solve the problem with women once and for all.

Singles Match
Kiera Hogan vs Jordynne Grace

At the end of the fight, Hogan tries to get the upper hand on Jordynne but his power allows him to lift it and follow up with his Grace Driver.
Winner: Jordynne Grace

LAX are behind the scenes, Konnan asks Ortiz who is eating and Santana who is sleeping to focus on their match coming up. They are champions and face a talented team they are supposed to be in their match. Ortiz tells him that they know like the Rascalz catchent they do not need to be ready. Santana says they have defeated all Impact teams, one more does not scare them anymore. Konnan tells them that if they are not focused, the next thing he will hear will be “and new team champions”

Moose says he is tired of seeing ECW legends come out of their retirement home because they have bills to pay. He remembers being small doing the RVD gesture saying he’s the whole fn’show but that was over 20 years ago and hearing him say that again today is an insult to him because is Mr. Impact Wrestling. He challenged Rob Van Dam in a match for Slammiversary.

Tag Team Match – Wrestling Tag Team Championship
The Rascalz accompanied by Trey vs. LAX (c)

At the end of the fight, Wentz places a cutter on Santana while Dez retains Ortiz outside the ring. Ortiz, who had been drinking tequila, spit it out in the face of the referee who was asking him to come back because of Dez. Trey climbs on the third and jumps on Santana in the ring and continues with a fall. Another referee arrives and puts the winner down.

The Rascalz take the titles and celebrate their victory but the referee overturns the decision because Trey is not in the game at the start and gives the titles back to LAX.
Winners by disqualification and always champions: LAX

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