How WWE monitors competition


On the latest issue of the PWInsider Elite Radio, journalist Mike Johnson focused on WWE and talked about how promoting Vince McMahon ensures other companies do not grow too fast:

If you do not believe that the WWE is watching when a company arrives in a new city, watch as a magic wand NXT organizes a show in the same city the same month as the House of Hardcore, Impact or other. If you have not noticed this, you have not paid attention to the business, they are really in the competition even if they say “We organize our business well ahead”.

They pay attention to everything and clearly they make sure that all those who seek to get a small piece of cake and more, a potential competitor, is crushed and destroyed. There is a reason why the WrestleCon and others have problems finding rooms in Tampa (for Wrestlemania 36 in 2020).

There’s a reason WWE has been holding its first Raw at Madison Square Garden for ages before the AAA holds its Lucha Libre Invades New York at MSG. There’s a reason WWE is holding a Raw in Dallas four or five days before New Japan and Impact come here. Of course they do this intentionally!

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