Georges St Pierre received an offer from WWE

In an interview on the Quebec TV channel ” TVA Sports ”, former UFC champion Georges St Pierre looked back on his career in the octagon but also his future. GSP explains that it has already received some offers for film and television, but the one that is most surprising is a WWE offer!

Indeed, GSP explains that WWE was interested in having it and offering it a contract:

“I was in the United States for the ESPN Awards and was approached by the WWE. I had just retired, it’s a form of competition in [WWE]. Yes it’s a bit scripted, but I do not know if I’ll be ready to put it back in there. Maybe a special event so that I can take the taste of the sport. I do not know if I feel like signing a contract and going full-time. […] For now it’s at a standstill. WWE wanted to give me an offer, I gave them the number of my agent. But I do not want to transfer to this sport full time. “

Will Georges St Pierre be the next UFC star to sign on WWE? He explains that he would be ready to do this for a special WWE event. His fans can already dream to see him one day in the ring for WrestleMania maybe? In short, this is a very surprising statement as no one was aware of this offer.

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