Full Results of WWE Survivor Series 2018 – The Roster War

– After the fight, Chartotte chases the Kendo shots on Ronda who is helpless! Charlotte goes to get a chair, but the referee removes the chair. Charlotte leaves the ring frustrated, but goes back and surprises Rousey with a Natural Selection on the chair that had remained in the ring! Other referees arrive to stop him, but Charlotte hits the referees! Charlotte takes Rousey’s head and puts her in the chair to kick it! The officials and the doctor arrive. Charlotte leaves behind the scenes. Rousey finally managed to get up alone and leave under the boos.

– WWE Champion vs. Universal Champion – Singles Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman

The fight begins and Bryan attacks Lesnar’s knee. Bryan then leaves the ring and has fun to provoke Lesnar and to flee as he approaches. Lesnar finally manages to catch him and rings it with a blow of his forearm. Lesnar goes on with a first German Suplex. Lesnar starts a Suplex City song and continues the Suplex on Bryan. Lesnar finally makes him an F5 and covers him, but stop counting! Bryan surprises Lesnar with a kick. Lesnar is frustrated and takes him for an F5 but he hangs the referee in passing. Bryan takes the opportunity to make a Low Blow to Lesnar and his Running Knee to cover it, but Lesnar resists the last second!

Bryan goes on with his series of kicks. Bryan managed to get him out of the ring and made him a Running Knee from the apron. Bryan launches into suicide jump, but Lesnar grabs him and charges him against the post. Lesnar wants to load him with a steel step, but Bryan avoids the blow and Lesnar collides with the post. Lesnar brings him back to the ring, but Bryan does his Running Knee to cover him, but Lesnar still resists. Bryan hits Lesnar’s leg against the corner and gives him a Missle Drop Kick. Bryan chained for a series of Running Drop Kick, Lesnar wants to block one with an F5, but Lesnar’s leg does not hold! Bryan takes the opportunity to apply a Yes Lock. Lesnar resists, resists and pushes Bryan’s hands to break the submission. Bryan chained with a Triangle, but Lesnar gets up and reverses in F5 for the account of three!

Winner: RAW – Brock Lesnar

Lesnar celebrates his victory with Heyman, which ends a 6-0 victory against SmackDown! The show ends as well.

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