Full Results of WWE Survivor Series 2018 – The Roster War

– Behind the scenes, RAW’s men’s team are arguing Braun Strowman says he does not like McIntyre, Ziggler and Lashley and Balor is OK. They must make sure that everything is fine otherwise they will have his hands. McIntyre says he should lead as he broke the Shield and he will take care of Shane. Strowman would be better off staying out of his way. Baron Corbin arrives and tells them to relax. Strowman approaches and Corbin reminds him that he can not touch him. Strowman launches Lio Rush on Corbin says it’s up to Survivor Series. R-Truth arrives and tells them to make peace. Corbin asks him what he is doing while they are not in the same team.

– At the start of the fight, former wrestler WWE Enzo Amore draws attention to ringside and is evicted by security, details and videos here.

– SmackDown Team Champions vs. RAW Team Champions – Tag Team Match

Sheamus and Cesaro with Big Show vs. Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar) with Drake Maverick

At the end of the fight, Big Show wants to attack Drake Maverick who had just cheated, but Maverick pee in his pants. The Bar does not understand anything about Maverick’s reaction. Authors of Pain enjoys the distraction to make their finisher on Sheamus for the account of three.
Winners: RAW – Authors of Pain

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