Full Results of WWE Survivor Series 2018 – The Roster War

 Behind the scenes, Baron Corbin tells Stephanie McMahon that it will be a big night for RAW tonight. Stephanie says that if Corbin wants to be a permanent General Manager he will have to make sure that RAW wins. Corbin says this victory erases the events of last Monday. Paige and Shane McMahon arrive. Paige says they will be feeling blue tonight. Stephanie says he stole the World Cup trophy, but he’s not going to win tonight. Corbin says the hype is too big for them. They lost AJ and Becky already. Shane says they’ll have a chance to be part of something big when Stephanie is going to send Corbin away.

Intercontinental Champion vs United States Champion – Singles Match
Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
At the end of the fight, Nakamura avoids a Frog Splash and makes him a Kinshasa behind the head to cover him, but he resists. Nakamura is getting ready for another finisher, but Rollins blocks him with a kick. Nakamura avoids the Stomp and starts in Kinshasa, but Rollins avoids him again and makes him a Stomp for the account of three.

Winner: RAW – Seth Rollins

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