Full Results of WWE Survivor Series 2018 – The Roster War

The 2018 Survivor Series Pre-Show begins with Jonathan Coachman welcoming us and presenting his panel of Jerry Lawler, Beth Phoenix and David Otunga.

Behind the scenes, Alexa Bliss is with the members of her team. Bliss says the opponents played dirty. Tonight they will play the same game. Winning is not enough, it takes a total humiliation. Nia Jax says she already did it with Becky’s face. Ruby mocks the glasses of Natalya’s father and Natalya starts to beat her! The women are separated and Bliss announces that both will be removed from the team if they do not get along.

Behind the scenes, Charly is with Charlotte Flair and asks her how she feels about Ronda Rousey’s insults on Twitter. Charlotte says that on social media one day one is loved and the other does not. Tonight is knowing which is better between RAW and SD, not social media. Charlotte says tonight she’s fighting for SmackDown and going to prove who she is. She will enter with her chin high and prove that no one can fasten his boots. Even the most wicked woman will fall in front of the queen.

Behind the scenes, Naomi is with her team. Naomi says that Charlotte was a good choice as captain, but she can take the role. You have to remember that we have to stay together tonight. She introduces us to the new member of the team. R-Truth arrives and thanks everyone, it’s an honor. Naomi says that Truth is not the fifth woman, he is not a woman. Truth asks why she has to bring science. Naomi says the fifth is Mandy Rose! Rose arrives and says tonight may be the biggest night of their career. It would be silly to believe that she wants to fight against the team. Naomi says we need to work together to prove that SmackDown’s women are the strongest.

A video is announced to announce that NXT wrestler Lars Sullivan will soon be in WWE.

New Day arrives in the ring first. Xavier Woods says tonight is Survivor Series! The night of the year when SmackDown Live faces Monday Night RAW to find out who’s the dominant division. Kofi Kingston says there’s nothing better than starting with competition with who, who? The SmackDown baby teams! Big E introduces us to a man with more abs than hair and Godzilla, Gallows and Anderson. Woods then introduces us to WWE’s best cousins, the Colons. Kofi introduces the men of rage fueled by chaos, Sanity! Big E presents us their captain Usos. The Usos welcome the penitentiary RAW team. The RAW team arrives on the scene. Chad Gable says the captains are here, the RAW team is here. They will open the show with a win. Bobby Roode says it will be glorious.

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