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Fortnite: Xavier Woods wins 90,000$ from Connor’s Cure

Xavier Woods loves video games, and that’s why he has his YouTube channel “UpUpDownDown”, with almost 2 million subscribers. This week-end Epic Games was organizing Fortnite’s “Summer Block Party” charity event for E3, during which Xavier Woods participated and won money for an association.

First, on the night of Saturday to Sunday, it was the Fortnite Creative ShowDown. 8 team of 4 people clashed in order to raise the most money for his association. Xavier Woods’ Cuddle Crew finished fifth and earned Connor’s Cure $ 70,000. But that’s not all since one day later, it was the “Pro-Am”, an event that brought together 50 gamers and 50 celebrities, to which the wrestler had already participated last year.

Each gamer was teamed with a celebrity and the New Day member ended up with Royalistiq. With an entry worthy of a WWE entry, the duo finished at the bottom of the rankings, winning $ 20,000 for the association. The latter raises $ 90,000 in all. In first place, French Airwaks (gamer) and RL Grime (celebrity, DJ) won $ 1,000,000 for WWF.

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