Elias wins first title at WWE


Elias joined WWE in early 2014, starting out at NXT under the name Elias Samson. WWE finally decided to make it into the main roster three years later in April 2017. We are now in 2019 and Elias still did not win any WWE titles either solo or as a team, but now of the past!

Indeed, Elias won his first WWE title at SmackDown Live on May 28, 2019. While Shane McMahon was celebrating his appreciation night with Elias and Drew McIntyre, R-Truth slipped into the ring looking for Drake Maverick escape. Unfortunately for him, Elias and McIntyre decided to beat him for interrupting the celebration of Shane! Elias then made a count of three on Truth to become the new 24/7 WWE Champion, the fourth in history.

By cons, no luck for Elias, less than 60 minutes later, Reigns made him a Spear after their Tag Team Match to give Truth chance to cover Elias and regain his title 24/7. Elias fans will have to wait to see him as a champion.

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