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Elias signed a contract that prevents any possibility of interruption during his concert


As you know Elias will give us a musical performance this Sunday at WrestleMania 35. We can already imagine that it will be interrupted by someone because it is systematically interrupted during RAW every time he tries to sing .

Except that during the last episode of RAW Elias had claimed that no one will interrupt him at WrestleMania and he reaffirmed it a second time during his last interview with TMZ Sports.

Elias explains that it will not happen for the simple reason that he has signed a contract stipulating that it is strictly forbidden to disturb him:

“I signed a contract. WWE hired me to be the headliner of WrestleMania, there will be no interruption. “

In this interview Elias explains that he likes to sing, but if he has to choose between the WWE Championship and win a Grammy he will not hesitate one second: he will choose the title of the WWE. Elias explains that his dream has always been to catch up and lift the WWE Champion Belt.

It remains to be seen if the famous contract will be respected. And if he is not, who would have the presumption of opposing a contract of which WWE is a signatory? The Catch-Newz team discussed this in their podcast with no added wood tongue that you can see at this link.

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