EC3 already badly seen backstage at RAW?


It took only a short year for EC3 to go from NXT to RAW. This meteoric rise was surprising, especially since the wrestler still has not won any title on the WWE side. On January 10, he played his first game in the main roster defeating Curt Hawkins. Even more importantly, EC3 will even beat Dean Ambrose on February 4, 2019 before losing a week later to “Lunatic”. In short, thunderous beginnings that seem to have been quickly stopped!

Indeed, it’s been two good weeks since EC3 was not seen on television. Still, he was at RAW on February 25th. Two games were recorded before the broadcast of the episode of the red show this week. In the first, Rezar beat No Way Jose and in the second EC3 lost against … Apollo!

Many people in the community think that there will be tension between EC3 and WWE officials. While he was in the middle of a push (via his nascent rivalry with Ambrose), the former TNA heavyweight world champion was totally overshadowed overnight. Of course, it will be necessary to wait for concrete information on this subject to check if the rumors say true.

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