Dustin Rhodes praises Baron Corbin and Randy Orton

Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes, currently in AEW, has released important statements about two WWE Superstars, Baron Corbin and Randy Orton.

Here are his words:

“I love Baron and I must say that I really like his style. A lot of people think it’s stale and boring. Others, on the other hand, think the same thing about Randy Orton. Well Randy is the sweetest son b***** there is: smooth. It won’t hurt you. It will do nothing to hurt you, it is quiet and it is so beautiful because this is the key to being a good worker and longevity is taking your time. Many want to be frantic in a Main Event, but don’t accelerate. You have to savor what the crowd gives you. Do what you have to do here, because what you would like to do you won’t do in another city. You have to change mentality, so you are a hard worker and you have to know how to do it in the spotlight of everyone. That’s why Randy is very good at what he does “

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