Drew McIntyre will face brock Lesnar at WrestleMania?

Drew McIntyre
drew mcintyre

Drew McIntyre has never had a great opportunity to prove that he is the Chosen One, but this could change at Wrestlemania. Some signs Drew could face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, definitively consecrating himself as a high-level wrestler.

The first of these interests the parts of Paul Heyman and McIntyre himself, who speaking of the Rumble could eliminate Lesnar from the match, preparing the ground for their challenge in Wrestlemania.

Another sign comes from the Observer wrestling, which indicates McIntyre one of those superstars that Vince McMahon would like to participate in important projects in 2020, and a match with Lesnar would certainly be the top for his career.

Besides, Drew McIntyre is one of the superstars who could win the Royal Rumble, or at least make a level performance by eliminating Lesnar, perhaps, as some rumors indicate Roman Reigns as the winner and challenger of The Fiend at Wrestlemania.

And finally, people want a champion instant, they want to see the title defended even outside the most important PPVs, they want a champion to identify with and cheer on. In short, a full-time champion that Drew McIntyre could be, without “seizing” the title like Lesnar for years ago.

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