Drew McIntyre: “Back to NXT was my choice and Triple H’s one”

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

On the occasion of a conference call organized by WWE to promote the company’s next European tour, we were able to talk with Superstar Drew McIntyre. In this exclusive interview, The Scottish Psychopath looks back at his time at NXT, the place of the independent WWE circuit and his professional evolution since his debut in the company in 2007:

What was your reaction to joining the NXT Roster in 2017 after having already been a champion in the Roster Main?
Was it a desire on your part to integrate the Roster or was it an incentive for WWE?

“I was very happy to hear that I was going to integrate NXT! It was both my choice, and at the same time Triple H’s. When I was a free agent and had to decide where I would go, I got Triple H on the phone and we had a long discussion. We both agreed that NXT could be a logical start for me, with a “hardcore” audience that had followed what I had been doing since my last run at WWE. Then it’s a good thing to have experienced guys able to help the youngest ones. I was NXT Champion during the time I was there, I would have liked to spend more time there before being hurt but I loved my time at NXT. I would have liked especially not to hurt my biceps, which is why I no longer have my NXT title. I would still be a champion if my biceps had not let me go (laughs). “

In your career, you have worked with independent wrestling, especially after your first WWE experience. How do you feel about WWE’s enthusiasm for the independent circuit?

“I think it’s fantastic. It was the logical step to reach this “higher level”. The independent is in turmoil and today you can achieve your goals alone or with the WWE. It puts some guys in the limelight and on a world stage. If you take guys like Pete Dunne or Tyler Bate and put them on a poster in England or Europe, it will attract more fans and it opens up more opportunities for everyone. I think it’s great that the WWE has taken the plunge and they get involved with all these different companies, it allows once again to cross this “higher level”. “

How would you define your professional evolution at WWE since you arrived?

“Interesting (laughs)! Roller coaster, with ups and downs. This is a fairly unique career that no one has ever had before but I would not change anything. What I went through made the man I am today. “

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