Dolph Ziggler claims to be on holiday

Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler

Recently, Dolph Ziggler spoke with Chris Van Vliet and returned to this year’s WWE Royal Rumble. He recounted how and why he was present in the match.

Ziggler also said during the interview that he is currently on vacation / WWE vacations. As a reminder, Ziggler focuses at this time on his acting career on stage.

When was he told he was going to participate in this year’s Royal Rumble?

“Oh my God. It’s a great story. Can I tell this story? When I spoke to you last time, I was not booked in the Royal Rumble and I have no reason to lie to anyone or be like: “Listen, I do not know how it works “. I was just on leave and received a call to be present. And if I had not been in town for a show that night, I would not even have been to Phoenix. I got a call the night before that said, “Hey, you have to come.”

Was he booked at the Royal Rumble just to finish his storyline with Drew McIntyre?

“I’m not quite sure, it has continued a little later but I know if it will resume because I still on vacation. I think it was more in the sense that I was in town and that I am one of their guys and that the two could fit together. I had a double booking and a double pay, the WWE and the comedy show. “

Being in the Royal Rumble put him late for his own show that night in Phoenix:

“I was one of the last people on the ring tonight and my show – three blocks away – had to start an hour late because when I arrived with my bags I was dripping from sweat. I hesitated to play with my outfit, but I told myself that I would have to shower myself anyway. “

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