Dean Ambrose and his deaf speech with Vince McMahon

Jon Moxley

Dean Ambrose was the guest of Chris Jericho‘s latest podcast. Whoever took over his name Indy from Jon Moxley also explained why the WWE promos look so bad by taking his example:

One day I arrive for a TV show as usual, at that moment I think I’m at Smackdown. I am a nice, a babyface. I am one of the main kind of show, even concretely the main kind of show at that time. So I come backstage and I’m handed a script written for me by a producer. “Producer” is an important word in this podcast as you will realize. Same for the word “script”.

So I’m given a script for me by a producer. It’s a slide promo and it describes the things I do when I go to the room for the show. I do not remember exactly what it was but it was so ridiculous. And that was not an isolated event. This concerns hundreds of promos that have taken place over the years and were disconnected. There were three or four times things that a cool person would have said, a supposed guy, a guy with whom you would like to have a beer. Most of the time, however, it was not something that would have caused someone to support you. These were things an idiot would have said. Things like riding on a unicycle or sharing a pizza with a homeless person. That weird things like that.

This time I was “I will not say that, change everything, rewrite to make it more normal”. I did my business and then the producer came back. Vince had rewritten it and put all those things back inside. Now I had to go see Vince to talk to him. Now that Vince had rewritten it, it was no longer a producer’s dream. So we had to talk to Vince. I was there “all these things, I can not say them, it’s ridiculous” and he said “On the contrary it’s perfect, these things is the reason people do you” That’s why you’re connected to them, you’re different, it’s you. “

I had millions of discussions with him that were the same about similar promos. “You know it’s you, it’s so good, it’ll carry you” and me to answer “Ok so I’m an idiot?” He answered me no joking and continued on his thing. I do not remember exactly how it ended in the end but it sums up my fight of these six years.

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