Dana White reveals why Brock Lesnar chose WWE

brock lesner

On May 1, UFC President Dana White announced that Brock Lesnar was retiring from MMA. A few weeks later, the “beast” was back in the WWE ring.

Today Dana White was promoting his next UFC 238 event for ESPN and he returned to Brock Lesnar‘s situation. White goes back to the persistent rumors that Lesnar would have refused to return to the UFC as Lesnar would suffer a loss of money now that the UFC is no longer on traditional PPV networks but via ESPN. White explains that this is totally false and that UFC finances are doing very well for the fighters and for the company. About the retirement of Lesnar:

“ESPN is not the reason why Brock Lesnar does not want to fight. Brock Lesnar had a better contract, that’s what happened to Brock. “

You will understand that Brock Lesnar chose WWE as Vince McMahon offered him a contract with a larger sum of money than the UFC. At the moment this new contract remains a mystery about its duration and amount.

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