Corey Graves’ wife accuses him of sleeping with Carmella

Corey Graves has been in a relationship with Amy Schneider for many years, but Amy Schneider accuses her today of sleeping with a WWE wrestler, who is none other than Carmella, in an Instagram post, since deleted, accompanied by a family photo with their three children. She says :

“It may not fit me, but I’m hurt. I’m sad. I took 11 years to support a man to realize his dream, but just to give me a punch in the stomach (figuratively, ed)! I have been the victim of suicide attempts, alcoholism, among others, staying with him. The problem is that he always slept with one of my daughters’ models. Carmella and Corey Graves, I hope you are happy. Sincerely! >>

A few minutes after publicly accusing Corey Graves, Amy Schneider shared her private conversation with the WWE commentator who “suggested she delete this post, because the WWE is going to sue you, I just got a call.”

For now, neither Corey Graves nor Carmella has publicly spoken about this case. We will know more in the next hours. All messages are available below:

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