Cody could not register the trademark named “Dusty Rhodes”


Several international sites during this Saturday point out that Cody has had a big defeat in recent days.

As is well known Cody tried to register the mark with the name of his father, Dusty Rhodes, but this request was denied.

According to USPTO, the identity that deals with US registered trademarks, the “Dusty Rhodes” trademark that Cody wanted to register, is very similar to the “Dustin Rhodes” trademark that Dustin Rhodes owns and that similarity between the name and the meaning of the marks, the request was then rejected.

Now Cody and his team of lawyers have two options at hand that is to appeal for the trademark “Dusty Rhodes” to be registered, with the possibility that the application will be rejected again, or to have a request made for the owner “Dustin Rhodes” or his brother approves the creation of the “Dusty Rhodes” trademark.

This second option is more likely to happen, as Dustin Rhodes is certain to allow the trademark to be created under his father’s name.

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