CM Punk Says Wrestling Is Impossible To Watch With No Crowd

CM Punk
CM Punk

Due to the coronavirus, WWE has been recording their shows with no fans at the WWE Performance Center, and for weeks now fans have been speaking about how embarrassing it can be to watch wrestling with no fans, CM Punk isn’t very fond of wrestling with no public as he declared it impossible to watch:

“I would be able to watch hockey or UFC or Bellator, any kind of mixed martial arts fight when there’s no people in the crowd because it’s a sport. With pro wrestling, I find it impossible to watch with no crowd. The audience is 100% – and this is more obvious than ever now – making force behind what wrestlers do in the ring. When I wrestled, that was my boss.”

“Without all of that, I don’t know what we’re making. It gives confidence, in my opinion, to everyone who argues that wrestling is just a stage fight, it’s a stimulation, its planned acrobatics. Without the audience, without the emotion and the adrenaline, that’s what I feel like I’m watching, I feel like I’m watching a video game.”

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