Chris Jericho: “We don’t need CM Punk”

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Chris Jericho, interviewed by Collider level, inevitably talked about CM Punk, which will appear at Starrcast 3. Here’s what he said about his possible arrival:

“We haven’t talked about it yet. Do we need it? Nope. Would that be a great buy? You. I don’t know yet. I don’t know his intentions but our roster is already complete like this. We’re not trying to get past WWE. We don’t want to be the 1998 WCW or the 2011 TNA, where they just took former WWE. We don’t want it, we have enough guys that no one has ever seen.”

Y2J concluded by saying that the big difference between AEW and WWE lies in the fact that they give space to young guys and from the very beginning, when they have recently passed the age of 20, while in WWE they do not point to such young guys.

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