Chris Jericho talks about WWE talent that wants to join AEW

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho

Former WWE Superstar and now All Elite Wrestling talent Chris Jericho spoke with Gary Cassidy for Sportskeeda. During the interview, Jericho spoke about the current WWE Superstars who want to join AEW.

He also talked about his wrestling career and the number of years he has left in the ring according to him:

If the doors of the AEW are open to all disgruntled Superstars with the WWE:

“It’s different. We do not do things this way where anyone who does not like what he does to WWE is automatically guaranteed employment at AEW. We will examine each talent on an individual basis. There are guys in the WWE that we would love to have, and there are others we probably would not take.
Obviously, we have not even had shows yet and our roster is already important. If the Double or Nothing show is an example, how many people could we have on it? If there are 60 or 70 guys, we end up with the same problem as the WWE. “

For how many years does he think he can continue to catcher:

“I’ll know when I’ll know. All I can say is that the last game I had at the Tokyo Dome was one of the best in the show. As long as I can continue to deliver, that’s all that matters to me. The time I go to catches 100 times a year is solved. I do not want to do that, it does not interest me. What I’m feeling right now is that I want to keep having great games that mean something.
I have nothing against the people of Poughkeepsie, New York, or Kirriemuir, Scotland, or whatever, but the time I was in these cities is over. Do I still have 10 games to offer? 100 games? 500? I do not know ! I know that at the end of my contract, I will always be younger than The Undertaker, and he just signed a new contract, so it all depends on how I feel and I never wanted to be less than what I considered to be my best. The reason I’m still able to do it is because I really limit my games and choose my spots. I think it was a good idea to keep that level high and keep some assets in my sleeve and it works! “

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